Freedom is a value that many Americans hold closely and is celebrated throughout the month of July. To be free is to be connected to your personal power and using that energy to act on behalf of what you desire without restriction or restraint. 
Unfortunately, many feel completely detached from their personal power and their right to create a more positive world. This can look like:

  • Struggling with feelings of powerlessness 

  • Feeling as though life is against you or happening to you 

  • Difficulties with self-reflection

  • Feeling stuck in life

  • Struggling with negative self-talk

If this sounds like you, here are 5 crystals to help you reconnect with your personal power and feel more freedom in your life.

As manifesting creatures, we need to know that our thoughts, words, and actions have an influence on the world around us. Without this we can be left feeling empty, disconnected, and powerless. 
This yellow stone has been called “the ultimate summer mood” stone. It can have a warming effect throughout your body and clear away blockages in the Solar Plexus chakra, the seat of personal power and confidence. Citrine will help you reconnect with your inner strength and ground you into your Third Chakra and personal power.

  • Malachite

Can any of us truly experience freedom without a heart wide open? Navigating the world is tough and comes with its heartaches. We often go into self-preservation and surround our hearts with barbed wire laced with grudges, pervasive anger, and resentment. Sure, that may keep others at a safe distance, but it also traps your Spirit inside. 
Malachite is the stone for the job. It is a great heart opener to ensure that love is leading the way. It also serves as a protector for the heart because let's face it, when our light shines bright, it can attract negativity from those still operating from a guarded heart.

Expression of personal Truth is essential to feeling free. When we close our Throat Chakra out of fear of judgement, persecution, or punishment, we become separated from this. Suppression of speech is suppression of Spirit.
 Lapis Lazuli helps us to communicate clearly and even helps with making decisive decisions. If deep down you know what you want more of in your life but are too afraid to speak up, this rich blue stone has you covered. Afterall, bravery and freedom go hand in hand.

Let’s talk about personal responsibility. Many confuse responsibility as being the thing that keeps them from experiencing freedom. But this isn’t always the case. Taking full ownership over your life and your choices is the key to true freedom. When we leave our wellbeing solely in the hands of others, we are handing over our right to consciously create a life that feels good. Responsibility is the ability to respond to the life you have created in healthy ways. 
Honey Calcite can help you with this. This stone also interacts with the Solar Plexus and connects you to your inherent strength, courage, and personal power. If you want to be the leader of your life, carry this stone along with you.

Freedom comes when you make conscious choices that align with your head and heart. We all make choices every single day that we aren’t even aware of. The first song you listen to of the day, what you eat, your thoughts about the way your clothes fit your body, etc. Our choices matter greatly and if this is something you don’t believe, it may be because you are living from the subconscious. 
Fluorite has been called “the gemstone of discernment” for its ability to help you see things as they are, not as you want them to be. Creating a new reality can only happen when we know what we are working with. This stone will help you with organizing your thoughts, mental clarity, and promoting a peaceful state of mind.

About the Author :: 
  • Madison Denk is a local Medina, Ohio Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Energy Healer. 
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