Yule Tide, also known as the Winter Solstice is a day that offers promise of brighter days to come. Traditionally, a Witch's Ball is utilized in order to ward against negativity or harm. It is a talisman of protection for ones home and can be hung by the entrance of your home, windows or by your chimney. We place shiny objects (tinsel, crystals, glitter, coins, ect) and objects of protection into the ball to distract, trap and then reflect away any energy that does not serve your highest good.

1) Take a moment to ground. Energetically cleanse your space & ball with your preferred method of cleansing. (Examples : visualization, sound, smoke, scent &/or crystals)

2) Sit with your ball for a few moments and take deep cleansing breaths. Think about what intention would you like to place onto this ball. Is it the traditional method of protection and to keep away harm or will you choose the new age way of utilizing it as a Spell Jar and attracting certain energies into your home? When it comes to you, charge those thoughts and energy into the ball. Allow it to visually swirl around in there like a snowglobe.

3) When you begin, intuitively gather the items you'd like to place in your ball. Feel free to utilize the information sheets provided.

4) Place each item in separately. Assign a task or purpose to each item that you place into the ball. Take a moment to say it mindfully, whisper to it or say it allowed. For example, "I place this amethyst into the ball to enhance Protection of myself and my home".

5) Once all the items are in the ball you are almost done. Next, choose a place to where you would like to hang it. Once it is hung in that space say this spell allowed and with conviction:

"I place this ornament in my magical space,
May it bring into my life the things I wish to seek,
All that is unwanted will be reflected back and away from those who celebrate here
By the power of Yule Tide and the magic of this season,
May the ornament bring about the intention I ask of it"

6) You can leave the ball up year around or bring it down after the winter season is over and place it back up next year. Either way, you will need to recharge it while it is in use. Use your intuition, recharge it when you FEEL it needs recharged. For some that might be once a week, for others that might be once a month or every other month. You can recharge it by setting it by acknowledging and reflecting on the meaning when you walk pass it or sit next to it. Then thank its energies. You can also hold it, visualize your intent & repeat the spell.

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