Ostara also known as the spring equinox, which falls around March 20th in the northern hemisphere and September 22nd in the southern hemisphere. The name "Ostara" is derived from the Germanic goddess Eostre, who was associated with fertility, rebirth, and the rising sun. Ostara is often celebrated as a time of renewal and new beginnings. Many pagans see this as a time to let go of the old and embrace the new, to plant new seeds and set new intentions for the year ahead. 

Some common Ostara traditions include lighting candles or bonfires, decorating eggs or baskets, and holding feasts or potluck dinners. Many people also incorporate symbols of fertility and rebirth into their celebrations, such as flowers, baby animals, and seeds.

Overall, Ostara is a time to celebrate the arrival of spring and the renewal of life, and it's often seen as a joyful and hopeful time of year.

Crystals and Stones that Correspond with the Spring Equinox : 


Colors to wear or decorate with for the Spring Equinox : 

  • Pastels
  • Gold
  • Light Green
  • Light Pink
  • Yellow
  • Robin's Egg Blue

Flowers, Incense, Candle Scents, Herbs and Oils

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